War and Peace

Posted by Ann McMaster on Sep 29, 2019 6:23:41 PM

According to Miriam Webster Dictionary, the word “liberal” means “generous, open-handed, broad-minded, advocate of individual rights.” According to that definition, I aspire to be liberal – allowing everyone the freedom to live their life the way they see fit.  And, like my Dad used to say, “your freedom ends at the beginning of my nose.”

My whole career has been devoted to serving those who want to take radical responsibility for the quality of their own lives; so they can follow their hearts’ desires and make the difference they want to make in the world.

That means getting feedback – from life itself, from people we love, from people who don’t even know us. Some of this feedback is easy to hear, supporting our direction. Some of it is not easy to hear. In that case we can either clarify our intention (initiate conversation (=open), get the feedback and course correct (=open), or adamantly push back or defy/abuse them in some way (=closed). Peace. War.



The current world situation is anything BUT Liberal, regardless of political alliance. The well-being embedded in lightness and humor has all but disappeared. Where is our open-heartedness to opposing views? Am I demanding that others vote the way I do? Or am I an advocate of the rights of OTHERS, not just mine?

Politics today is a global representation of who we are as individuals (“we” did elect them), so I suggest we get our own shit straight … and not get in agreement with a lynch mob. It robs us of our humanity.

Posted with permission fromLife As It Is by Ann McMaster.

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