Posted by Ann McMaster on Sep 23, 2019 1:27:10 PM

I am concerned about the degree of divisiveness in our world, some of it vitriolic, irrational, knee-jerk, one-dimensional. I am concerned about the lack of concern regarding the reality of three American women being murdered every day by an intimate partner. I am concerned that the world’s fastest-growing crime is the trafficking of women and children (~$99 billion/year). I am concerned about corporations and government agencies are driven by ego and greed. I am very concerned about the growing demand for entitlement. I am concerned about the legacy being inherited by my grandchildren.

I am concerned. I feel helpless to make any difference whatsoever to the above issues, and other issues that loom large for which I have no real input. Little. Weak. Impotent. Ineffective. Useless.

I am intrigued by the indefatigable will of human beings to rise to any challenge. I am intrigued by the spirit of human beings that relentlessly reaches out to support and serve others. I am intrigued by the creativity of human beings that accomplish major scientific/social advancements. I am intrigued about the changes the next generation will forge.

I am intrigued. I feel curious about my own destiny to heal that which is painful. I feel hopeful. Committed. Deeply touched. Blessed. Grateful. I know I matter. I know you matter. I know WE matter. I know IT matters

Truth: the world changes. Unrelentingly. What’s most important? Knowing we make a difference – either by adding unconsciously, reactively to the chaos or by consciously choosing our proactive way forward. WE choose. And we re-choose. Daily. Minute by minute.

Posted with permission fromLife As It Is by Ann McMaster.

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